Who will win the most free money in Internet history?

TallyUP! is a new kind of game that shares ad revenue with players and then lets them compete to win more. No one can lose, and many will win big.


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How TallyUP Works
Start with a FREE TallyUP Token (worth real money, thanks to our sponsors)
Play a fun, 30-sec game against another player. Winner takes all and doubles their Tokens!
Keep playing and doubling, up to $10M!
Cash out your Tokens or hold 'em (value can go UP). At least 10% is shared with charity.
VIDEO: How it Works

Trust and Fairness at our core

The goal of TallyUP is to give away historic amounts of free money to players and charity, and perhaps even play a future role in universal basic income. As a competition, we have a duty to make it the most even playing field possible, where anyone on earth has a fair and equal chance to win.

The free crypto Play-to-Earn game for everyone!

We believe a free, simple Play-to-Earn game is the key to introducing cryptocurrency to the masses, without putting their own money at risk.

Earn TallyUP Tokens simply by playing, winning and inviting others. Unlike many cryptos fueled by speculation, TallyUP Tokens are backed by real revenue (generated from ads, etc.) that can be awarded to players and charities.

Over time we hope to see Tokens go UP in value and trade on exchanges. We also plan to develop many new uses for Tokens, including voting, special access and NFTs. A complete Whitepaper is coming soon.

We're just getting started...

New games. Larger-than-life showdowns. Huge jackpots. Global expansion. Decentralization & Blockchain. This is only the beginning, as we work to make TallyUP an unstoppable force for economic good that is owned and governed by its community of players.






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About the team

We are building a new kind of Play-to-Earn game that is free, sustainable, and redistributes the majority of its economic value to players and charities. Our investors are among the best in gaming, tech and crypto, and our team comes from many of the world’s top gaming, tech and media companies.

Our investors

We could only make this a worldwide phenomenon with support from world's top-tier gaming investors.

Makers Fund
Leading Global Game VC

Everblue Management
Leading Global
Game Investor
Play Ventures
Leading Global
Game VC
Kevin Lin
David Helgason
Founder, Unity

Alli Óttarsson
Gaming Investor, Advisor,Ex-Riot (now Makers Fund)
Jared Fliesler
COO Scribd, GP Matrix VC,Google, Slide
Matt Wolf
Head of Blockchain Gaming, Zynga Ex Head Global Gaming, Coca-Cola
Tony Patel
Global Ad Ops / Yield. Microsoft,
Yahoo, Right Media, Weather Network, Post Media.
How TallyUP Works
Start with a FREE Token, worth real money (thanks to our sponsors)
Start with a FREE Token, worth real money (thanks to our sponsors)
Start with a FREE Token, worth real money (thanks to our sponsors)
Start with a FREE Token, worth real money (thanks to our sponsors)
Watch video to learn more