Matchup & Matchup Royale

A Matchup is a head-to-head game against a specific other player. You can play against a friend, challenge someone on the leaderboard, or rematch the player who just took all your money 😜.

Matchups can be played at your own pace -- no stressful countdown timer. When it's your turn, you've got 48 hours to make your move, and then your opponent will be notified to make their move.

The Matchups screen lets you keep track of all your Matchups that are in progress, and easily start new ones by searching for a user by their username, or by choosing one of the suggested Matchups.

When starting a Matchup, you can just play "FOR FUN", or you can up the stakes and play for a cash prize amount. Each player puts up half of the prize amount, and the winner claims the prize!

When you challenge someone, you put up your half of the money, but if they don't accept within 24hrs, you get it back. And then once the game is accepted, if either player takes longer than 48 hours to make their move, then they forfeit the game.

Matchup Royale

A Matchup Royale is a knockout tournament of Matchups where the last player left standing wins the big jackpot prize!

If a Matchup Royale is available, you can find it and join on the Matchups screen. There is a timed Entry Window at the start of a Matchup Royale to join. If you miss it, just wait for the next one.

Once you’re in, you’ll be placed in a Matchup against a random other player in the tournament. The winner advances to the next Round and a new opponent. The losing player is knocked out of the tournament. In the case of a tie, both players stay in to try again.

The matches continue to higher and higher Rounds until there is only one player left standing, and that player can claim the jackpot prize.

Similar to regular Matchups, you can take your turn at your own pace. But in order to keep things moving along, you’ll only have 12hrs to take your turn instead of 48hrs. (Tip: Make sure notifications are enabled so you never miss your turn and forfeit the match!)

These are new features, so feel free to reach out to our support team if you have any questions, encounter any issues, or have a great idea you want to share with us about how to make Matchups or the Matchup Royale even better.