TallyUP! Tokens: Introduction & How They Work

Tokens are your reward for playing and inviting friends to TallyUP! Their value can go up or down (hopefully UP!) as the community and activity grow. Our goal is to pay out as much as we sustainably can to players and charities. Eventually we hope to see tokens usable and tradable outside TallyUP! So keep on playing & inviting.

Earning Tokens

As a player, your objective is to amass Tokens. Earn them by playing and inviting friends.

Exchange Rate

Once you have amassed enough and subject to our Terms of Service, Tokens can be cashed out at the current exchange rate per token. The current exchange rate can be found in the Wallet section of the app which is accessible by tapping on your Token balance.

Token Value

Token value can fluctuate up or down. As the community and revenue grow, we hope to increase the exchange rate and pay out more for each token.

Token Roadmap

We are actively exploring ways of enhancing token utility and value, including access to special features, NFTs, access to exclusive events and tournaments, and much more. We are also exploring how and whether tokens can be listed and/or made tradeable on 3rd party cryptocurrency exchanges in a way that is legally and regulatory compliant.

Note: A full litepaper/whitepaper, outlining how Tally Tokens are being developed, will be available soon.

Legal Disclaimer: There is no guarantee of these outcomes and we are committed to operating TallyUP in a way that is legally and regulatory compliant.

More About TallyUP!

TallyUP! is a special kind of game. Its goal is to give away as much of its advertising (and any other) revenue as it sustainably can to players and charities. In the long run, the vision is to redistribute the large majority of what it generates. The bigger it gets, the more money it makes, and the more it can give away.

At its heart is a very special mechanic. The system gives away as much advertising revenue as it can afford in order to stake players, and then offers simple, fun, fair games (that cannot be cheated) in order to let players compete against one another and possibly multiply their winnings. Exponentially. Up to $10M!

Over time, many new games and features will be added, and the excitement will grow as high stakes games are played out before global audiences. We are building the world’s largest free tournament. Or the Exponential Game show if you like.

​As of this writing we are approaching 100k players. Things are just beginning!